How to strengthen the recruitment process

Jan 14, 2022
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I may be a bit biased, but I think there’s more to recruitment than meets the eye. Many people consider recruitment to be quite an intuitive process. You throw up an ad, meet a few people, ask them a couple of questions, and the job is done. The reality is, that it’s never that simple. Research shows hiring is fraught with unconscious bias. Hiring the person who interviews best rather than the best person for the job is a real risk. Not focusing on the key skills and attributes required for success is another danger. So, what can you do to avoid these risks and strengthen your hiring process? We believe applying organizational design best practices can ensure a more robust recruitment process – ultimately delivering the right hiring outcome for you and your organization.

Designing tailored assessment activities is one way to apply organizational design to hire well. For example, behavioral-based interview questions, work samples, group activities, and role-plays. We’ve worked with clients to craft assessments that align with their organization’s capability framework and have included objective rating scales. This enables effective evaluation of the performance of each activity designed. We’re able to tailor assessments to any industry and role level. Both behavioral and technical skills specific to the position requirements and challenges can also be explored.

Selecting the right psychometric assessments from industry-leading providers is another way to use organizational design in recruitment. We can provide a truly unbiased approach to the assessments we recommend to our clients as we are not affiliated with any specific providers. This includes personality, ability, and skills-based assessments. We can interpret the results and conduct coaching sessions or write feedback summary reports as needed. Assessments provide objective data points and extra insights. This evidence-based approach has helped our clients find the right people and build great teams. They’ve also reported increased confidence to make better hiring decisions. The statistical data behind reliable assessments help make decisions legally defensible – offering further comfort.



Role analysis and success profile identification support hiring by ensuring the right skills and qualities are assessed. We’ve led exploratory conversations with leaders to understand their talent needs, challenges (previous and anticipated), and the future direction of the organization. Uncovering the specific technical role requirements as well as broader capabilities required for strong performance in the role can be done in a few ways. We can design and administer surveys to collect and analyze quantitative data. Alternatively, focus groups with subject matter experts, role incumbents, and leaders are preferred by some clients. We can offer team development and insights to maximize the talent in your organization. This includes facilitating team development sessions, examining assessment trends, and providing insights to support team engagement and team effectiveness.

We have led enterprise leadership development programs with our clients to nurture their top talent – most recently with an iconic Australian employer. We’ve designed and helped clients run assessment centers to funnel the right talent into their organization. This has been for both volume and graduate recruitment with a range of corporate and government clients. Whether you are looking to supplement your internal recruitment capability, ensure the right things are being measured, or facilitate strategic hiring, get in touch today. We can help strengthen your hiring processes.

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