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Feb 14, 2022
What is Robotic Process Automation ?

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a software “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process.

Business process and workflow automation, in the past we the most is semi-automation, we still need human to serve as the input or control due to certain business policy that learn by human, we are not implement in the software business logic as rule to allow software robot to replace human and complete take over the business process and output the correct document (for example) and reaching the user for the output, to use the final document (it can be quotation, invoice, report of status or anything that can be define and let software robot to execute for you to achieve full process automation).

Robotic process automation is the use of software bots to automate highly repetitive, routine tasks normally performed by knowledge workers. Robotic Process Automation is an application of technology, governed by business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating. Robotic process automation is the term used for software tools that partially or fully automate human activities that are manual, rule-based, and repetitive.

Robotic process automation software utilizes bots to automate routine tasks within software applications normally performed by a company’s employees. These products are used to save time and eliminate the need for human employees to conduct time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious tasks.To develop these automations, Robotic process automation solutions provide development environments for building workflows that the agents then follow. These development environments are usually code less, drag-and-drop systems, so they are accessible enough that non-developers can build.

Robotic Process Automation is well suited for processes that are clearly defined and well documented, repeatable without many changes and also if they are rules. Since software robots need to execute the business logic and rules just like running a software program. It helps to let employees focus on innovation and value creation activities and key result areas (KRA), rather than spend the time on the manual processing tasks that can be fully automated and taken over by the software robots.

In the modern world we can remote desktop working in anyplace in the world, create scripts to run predefined tasks to get things done. As well as record steps and get system automated executions list of actions with the help of task scheduler and upon certain action being triggered, is not something new, what really news is the practice of it and now we create a domain of function as robotic process automation. As you can imagine, it helps to free up enterprise as well as employees from those repetitive tasks so they can deploy to business innovation and creativity, as well as areas we human kind is best and hard to replace area and activity.

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