Ukrainian IT segment executive search talent pool explained

Aug 09, 2022

The executive search talent pool in the Ukrainian IT segment is a tricky beast to understand. But one thing is for sure – it is not as simple as it seems, and there is more than meets the eye. 

  • On the one hand, the C-level labor market features a decent number of specialists striving for high-profile top management positions.
  • On the other hand, finding a candidate who matches the position requirements can be challenging. Also, don’t forget about management expectations for the new hire. That figures in too. 
What’s going on with the Ukrainian IT Executive Search Talent Pool? 
The Ukrainian Executive Search Talent Pool has five distinct types of candidates. 
 Let’s look at them closely:
 Executive Search Talent Pool for Candidates with 10-20 Years of Experience

As of January 2022, this candidate type is a previous generation of executives who had seen the rise of the Ukrainian IT segment in the 2000s.

Such specialists usually have relatively low salaries. Moreover, due to their extended stay, their current employment and niche shape their skillsets. Because of that, it can be hard for them to remain flexible and adapt.

For the most part, these candidates are not ready for drastic changes and prefer stability – that’s why they’re working for one company for an extended period. 

This aspect backfires as such candidates often don’t have the skills to pass job interviews successfully. 

The other disadvantage is that such specialists often don’t have fluent English, which significantly limits their job opportunities.

Executive Search Talent Pool for Candidates with up to 10 Years of Experience 
As of January 2022...

this is the most prominent C-level candidate type in the segment. In one way or another, these people constitute an executive search talent pool backbone for the Ukrainian IT segment. 

  • Such candidates have salaries in the range between $6000-10000
  • In some cases, this figure includes performance bonuses. In other cases, that might be the base salary.

The thing with such candidates is that they are usually inactive in job search and perfectly content with their current state of things. But you know, life is good, but it can be better

  • As a result, most such candidates usually enact passive job searches from time to time, and when the opportunity knocks – they are ready to consider new job opportunities.

However, there is a catch. Such candidates often lack soft skills due to extended time in the same positions. In addition, their expertise might be limited to what they were doing on the job, and it would take time to readjust themselves to the new environments.

As of January 2022, this is the emerging type of candidate in the Ukrainian IT segment with the most diverse segment of the executive search talent pool. Such specialists have 5+ years of experience in top management positions. Usually, these people went through handling outsourcing companies to launching startups and overseeing company products

As a result, such candidates often have diverse experience in management. In addition to that, they have a background in marketing, sales, and sometimes development. This kind of experience makes them more flexible can adapt to the new more than other candidate types. Because of that, hiring success for such candidates is higher.

These specialists look for challenges and professional achievements. However, such candidates don’t sit still for long and if they feel the job is getting stale – beware. As a result, they are eager to consider a job opportunity within their interests. 

  • Interestingly, such candidates look for job opportunities primarily via personal networking. For the most part, they are not interested in recruiter outreach.
  • Usually, they look for a 10-30% salary raise from position to position.

But there is a catch. Because of their experience, such candidates are more likely to get counteroffers from their current employers. 

What’s Next?

As you can see – the Ukrainian IT segment executive talent pool is very diverse and distinct. There are candidates with all sorts of experience who can be a viable addition to your managerial team. Chances are these are the A-players who will bring your company to the next level.

Understanding the executive search talent pool requires more than knowing what kinds of candidates are there. To make the most out of your knowledge – you also need to understand patterns of executive search talent demand.

That’s what we are going to talk about in our next article.

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