Why recruiters leave and what to do about it

Apr 18, 2022

It’s nothing new – the recruitment industry is renowned for churn and the challenge of keeping great recruiters forever. But with recent trends for flexibility, self-employment and mobility, it’s a problem that seems to be intensifying.

The financial implications are significant. In recruitment, we’re all aware of the costs and complexity of sourcing new talent. A study from Glassdoor puts the average cost around £3,000 in the UK. However, this is just part of the story.

At Recruitment Juice, we’re all about skills – and the day-to-day capability that your team brings to the table. When people leave, that’s what you’re really losing: years, even decades of experience that’s no longer benefitting your business.

So why are people leaving? What makes recruitment such a hotbed of employee churn? And, most importantly, what can you do to keep great recruiters for longer?


Whether you conduct in-depth exit interviews or a quick chat on the way out of the door, understanding recruiter turnover means looking at where people go next.

Speaking to our learning and development clients, few of the most seasoned recruiters are leaving the industry altogether. In fact, most are leaving to join similarly-sized recruitment agencies, often at similar rates of pay and commission.

What’s different about these destinations is a stronger culture of learning and development. According to a report from Execu|Search, 86% of people say they’d change employers for a role with more professional development.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has led to many recruiters evaluating how they spend their time – and who benefits from it. As a result, we’re seeing a significant increase in the number of recruiters leaving to start their own businesses.

What these have in common is a more fundamental need, right at the heart of what gets recruiters out of bed in the morning. In both instances, there’s a simple-yet-significant desire.

Every recruiter wants to be at their best, whether that’s through a more supportive workplace or carving out their own path. In both cases, changing the way you offer learning and development can make a big difference.

Great recruiter training is key to retention...

For many years, offering robust learning and development was seen as the simple answer to every retention issue. But in a world where some level of ongoing development is expected, it takes more than the basics to really keep people engaged.

According to Deloitte, businesses with a strong learning culture report 30-50% higher engagement and retention rates. Breeding that culture means going above and beyond simple training, delivering change and growth that your recruiters can measure and feel.

Recruitment Juice is a platform built for that sizeable challenge, targeted specifically to recruiters. From our automated learner pathways to smart ways to surface the most relevant content, we’ll help you give every recruiter learning and development that feels personal.

With effective recruiter training, you can start building a culture where people constantly learn new ideas – as well as how to apply them. As a result, your recruiters get development they can actually see and track, not just in their mindset but also in their results. And that’s the kind of culture that keeps recruiters for longer.

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